Why everyone should own a 10/22

In continuous production since 1964. Ruger has churned out over 5 million 10/22 carbines. It is one of the most successful and prolific designs ever created. Combining a ultra reliable action and a sure feeding magazine that borrowed from the Savage 99, the 10/22 transitioned from a “kids gun” to

Upcoming: 5.56 PSA 8.5″

I took the plunge and got one of the PSA 8.5″ in 5.56. Apparently it was the last one on the face of the earth, I watched PSA’s website sell out in real time. In about a week, I’ll be banging out a review/thoughts on it.

Let’s talk about IFAKS

(This isn’t directed to LEO’s, Medics, Firefighters, Service Members, or anyone else who should know better.) Do you really really need that spiffy LIGHTING MONSTROTACTICAL FIRST AID KIT for 129.99? Probably not. Does it look cool? Hell yes. Having cool looking stuff is pretty neat. But having functional usable stuff